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Sound Bath Vibrational Healing®

Vibratinal Sound Bath ®

Healthy individuals generate positive energy and vibration. We are healthy in proportion with our inherent good will. This energy should come from our essence, not our physical apprearance.


Through energy, sounds and vibrations, one can achieve peace and relaxation to balance our essence; enveloped by the harmonies of the alchemy crystal bowls, one simply has to lie down and relive these synergistic vibration to release stress and fall into a deep level of consciousness.

In the 45 minutes session, students lie down on a meditation cushion. After a few basic breathing exercises, the person receive sound baths to assist in achieving inner peace and balance.


Alejandra L. Parisi

Shastai® Reconnecting Your Essence founder

Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Reiki Master Certified (International Center Reiki Training – miembro activo), Yoga Instructor Certified YTT-200 (Yoga Alliance), Recconective Healing Certified Practitioner®, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Certified Practitioner, Bioneuroemotion Specialist®; creator and facilitator of Energy Sound Bath Meditation®. Her studies started in 2005 and had been the lead in her inner search to evolve as a person. Her tireless efforts in keeping learning had led her to the discovery and practicing of her spirituality, and therefore to continue the path of her spiritual growth. 

«It is through sounds and vibrations that one can achieve inner peace and a profound relaxation in order to Reconnect with their Essence» – Alejandra L. Parisi